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out to the west. this is where the fog is the thickest in culpeper and orange, quarter mile. shenandoah valley not so bad in winchester but hagerstown, martinsburg a quarter mile, too. cumberland less than two mile and a quarter mile in easton for our friends in the eastern shore and denton fog, as well. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-50s north and west. low 80s here in town and 64 in southern maryland. bill in new last depend 82. -- newland, 62. high today of 83. it is 4 will be 30. -- 4:30. people maybe groggy staying up late watching football. 95 northbound looking good from dumfries to the mixing bowl. 395 right now nice and quiet. all lanes are wide open northbound and southbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge
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will where you have to watch for a traffic pattern and you should be fine. let's go out to inbound new york avenue in dc for folks heading to work a little early this morning. everything is in good shape. same on route 4, route 5 and the crane highway. and same story in maryland, outer loop is looking good from 95 to georgia. let's send it back tonnage. >> thank you. right now fairfax county police are searching for the person responsible for a late- night murder in springfield. police arrived at a home in the 8800 lock of field master drive. they found a man dead from a gunshot wound. they do not believe it was a random attack. police would not say if they have named a suspect in the case. the donovan mcnabb mike shanahan han era has begun. the redskins make their debut
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against the cowboys but it wasn't the offense that impressed. the defense scored a huge momentum touchdown at the end of the first half. they hung on to the drive by dallas in the final seconds of the game. last-second end zone pass appeared to be the winning score was negated because of a holding call. the redskins won 13-7. turning to the race for dc mayor. we are a little more than 24 hours away from the opening polls. there are new charges ancone charges surrounding alleged vote buying. as bruce johnson reports, fenty's campaign says that gray's campaign offered gift certificates in exchange for
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votes. >> i didn't get my video. >> you didn't, here you go, babe. >> it is awe over the place, but the audio may be the supporting evidence. >> people say they were offered gift certificates at the giant food store if they got in to the van at the tennis and learning center in southeast to go to vote. >> they said if it showed i voted they would give me a $10 gift card. >> who was that, somebody from the gray campaign? >> they set up a sting to prove the gray campaign was offing gift certificates in exchange for votes. >> can i get a giant gift card if i vote? >> it is not to vote. you get a giant gift card for lunch or dinner. >> reporter: did they prove their case? you can decide for yourself after listening to the tapes.
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>> you will be bought lunch if yogee on the van and i will be right here. >> do i have to vote for gray. >> you can vote for whoever the hell. you can vote for yourself. >> reporter: people not affiliated with either campaign charged they were promised $800 if they accepted rides to the polls voted for mayor fenty. gray called for an fbi investigation. >> there is evidence this man went down and registered and voted that day. >> one driver that was unnamed and may have said if you vote for me you will maybe get a job. the opinion didn't have the authority let alone whether we know if he did it. a spokesman tells 9 news now this an attempt to deflect attention from real allegations and vote buying. she ade adds the woman does not work for the campaign and makes
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it clear that whoever accepts the gift certificate can vote for whoever they choose. information detailing how teachers can qualify for performance movie based -- they maybe eligible for a bonus of $25,000. teacher thes who maintained the ranking could see their base pay rise by $28,000 a year. they are part of a contract signed in june that raise average pay to $81,000 a year. as congress heads back to work the debate over taxes is taking center stage. debate over the president's tax plan could hit the house floor this month. gop leadership may be prepared to back the plan under certain conditions. >> reporter: republicans may be making room for compromise. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax
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reductions, i will vote for them. >> reporter: after repeatedly calling on the obama administration to extend tax cuts for all americans, john boehner expressed a change of heart on sunday. he said he would ex-- support extending tax cuts for families making less than $250,000. even if tax cuts are allowed to expire at the end of the year. the white house press secretary welcomes his change in position but in a statement said that time will tell if his actions will be anything but continued support for the failed policies that got us in to this mess. >> reporter: recent polls show that the majority of americans support letting tax cuts for the healthy expire. it is concerning one group that could play a major role in the elections. tens of thousands of tea party activists hit the street on
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sunday. the group is counting on members to turn out in large numbers come november. >> this is a rebellion like i have never seen. i have never seen the people more engaged in their government. >> reporter: pub cabs argue raising taxes on the rich will only hurt the economy but the obama administration insists it has no choice. >> what we cannot afford to do is pass 700 billion additional dollars of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: the tax debate could hit the house floor later this month. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. law enforcement in calvert county are searching for people who fired in to the homes of several officers. the trooper was not home but his wife and 5-year-old child were inside. the deputy and his family were home when the shooting happened. detectives are looking at gang retaliation as a motive after recent arrest of gang members.
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investigators are surgerying for a man who escaped police custody in baltimore. paul palmer slipped away from police, who were transporting him to a jail on murder charges. authorities say he tried to stab a man to death. palmer is a 32-year-old white male last seen driving a key what spectra with maryland tags and a spare tire on one of the wheels. investors look to begin a new rally after a string of good financial reports. and two communities hold programs for small businesses in our region. 9 news now is just getting started. stay no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, with us.
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welcome back. we are tracking traffic westbound here on route a 0 to 495. looking good out there. nothing to tell you about. fist the news with angie. jessica doyle is with us with the need lines. we can say happy monday.
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the month of september has been a good one for stocks so far. the dow rising in seven out of the last eight sessions. in trading today the bulls are in charge. checking wall street, the dow stands at 10463 after adding 48 points on friday. the nasdaq up by six and the s&p up by five points. an even in montgomery county aimed at helping minority businesses. starting at 8 a.m. until 4:00, the minority business enterprise university is featuring a workshop with guest speakers tonal kate people about upcoming contracting opportunities. here's another event for small businesses. this one is in northern virginia. access to capital is bringing together local banks, entrepreneurs and business owners to exchange information and discuss the type of loans available and lending criteria
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and runs until noon. two things to look for today. for more "living $mart" headlines, log on to our website at was wusa and click on the living smart tab on the front page. coming up, several 9/11 first responders find themselves lingering with health issues nearly a decade after the attack. and residents in some parts of colorado return home after a wildfire last week. howard?
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. welcome back to 9 news now. hundreds of residents who live near boulder, colorado are returning to their homes after a devastating wildfire last week. the blaze, one of the worst in the state's history destroyed more than 1550 homes. another fast-moving wildfire broke out over the weekend in loveland, colorado and i'm reading up on this and they are saying more than 600-acres beened in loveland forcing authorities to pool their resources from boulder to help
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out. really straining the sources out that way. >> they get in to dry spells an hot weather like we have had but they don't have -- they get more -- they have more forest to burn. >> that's right. >> speaking of us, we really need tore rain. >> even though we had two- thirds of an inch yesterday we are in the hole still. northwest of town it is worse than here? loudoun county. >> hagerstown, winchester, parts of fredericksburg and that way down to williamsburg. >> we need to do a rain dance. >> off camera. the big problem is to get drivers and school buses going. southwest of town visibles down in culpeper, orange, lake hanna area a quarter mile. in hagerstown to martinsburg a quarter mile. gets better at winchester at
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four miles. montgomery, faithersburg, they are dropping now and we have an hour and three quarters before the gun is up. look at the day at a glance. 63 now. upper 60s. mostly cloudy at 9:00 and partly cloudy to mostly sunny this afternoon. 77 at noon. 81 at 5:00 with middle 80s with enough sunshine. we have mostly cloudy skies with patchy fog especially west of washington. in the 50s and 60s. a little cool an there's the sunrise. 6:48. two hours until sunrise. pacific partly sunny to mostly sunny. warmer this afternoon. low 80s. some will approach 85 with a west wind five to 15 and then tonight, partly cloudy with a west wind at five an the sunset to 7:20. see the temperatures this morning. 40s across parts of pennsylvania. autumn is not that far away.
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63 here in town. holding on to a muggy 70 in forenorfolk. locally 59 in rockville. ment there's patchy fog here. it is 60 in andrews and we will watch to see fog here. as you go west and southwest of manassas we are there at 60. they fog is picking up. reston is 58. springfield, ft. belvoir 68. arlington 60 an here in washington we have 63 degrees with the dew point of 57. a light northernly wind at five miles an hour and relative humidity is only 82%. where the fog is, it is up in the 100% category. things are quiet across the country this morning. even in texas we have some scattered showers and along the gulf coast. as we look around here, the showers from yesterday have moved away from us. we are left in good shape. a little storm system off shore pulling away from the region and what we are looking at on
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the future cast, some showers even in to continue passing to the north. a little disturbance tomorrow in to wednesday morning but i think a heftier front there will push through on thursday in to friday with a chance of rain. this is almost a at the category five hurricane with winds of 150 miles an hour. it is a big one but will go to bermuda and weaken some. we sense the islands will be okay but an impress looking system nonetheless. and there is jewel i can't recollect but that is a fish storm. there's a chance on late thursday for a storm or shower in to friday and the weekend is looking good. catch my forecast on wash fm. >> we have you on tv and the radio. what a treat. happy monday to you. start on 95 southbound. we have construction out there but nothing too bad this
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morning. staying in maryland as we take a live shot outside. looking at 270 father hurley to the split. more cars approaching the 5:00 shower but no major problems out. there good morning, virginia. heading to 66 eastbound from manassas to centreville to 495, no problems. westbound lanes are open, as well. as we hit the beltway between the american legion and the wilson bridge, we are seeing no problems. everyone is in good shape and on 395, northbound and southbound looking good. northbound look for the traffic pattern. left center lane taken away this morning. the transportation department is proposing new rules to prevent dangerous fatigue amongest airline pilots. it would help prevent tired pilots from making errors that cause crash. it will be required nine hours of rest between work days one
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hour more than the current rules. this afternoon, metro transit willen veil new metro buss and access vehicles. the transit agency will unveil a bus body shop an paint shop. the evens begin at 2:30 at the facility in hyattsville. they were funded through federal grants. taking a look at the living well headlines, more evidence is disputing any link between vaccines and autism. researchers studying 1,000 children found those diagnosed with autism had no greater exposure to a mercury preservative used in some vaccines than nonautistic kids. a british medical journal rescinded a article that suggested a link. a new study suggests that stints used to prop open arteries may not be a good idea for patient over 70.
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they found elderly patients doubled their risk of having another stroke or dying compared to those who had surgery. they believe it may be the artery of older people are more easily damaged during the procedure. taking multivitamins may not necessarily help colon cancer patients battle the disease. in a study of 1,000 people, the vitamins failed to lower the chances of colorectal cancer deaths and lowered the likelihood of survives. they say certain vitamins may still be helpful in fighting off cancer. saturday marked the meanth anniversary of the the september 11th attacks. many fist responders from that day are fighting for their lives still. some are developed blood cancers and wonder if something at ground zero may be to blame. >> reporter: when we first met 53-year-old retired new york city firefighter randy weweb
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beck in july he was healthy and feeling good. his cancer in remission. seven weeks later, this is what he looks like. 25-pounds lighter, his body frail, in the fight of his life. >> it was a little rough. >> reporter: randy's story is that of many first responders who thought they had dodged a bullet and escaped the illnesses to many developed soon after 9/11 until last summer when the bullet hit. >> my kidneys shut down and, you know, when your kidneys shut down, you know it. >> reporter: it wasn't just kidney failure but a rare and for randy very aggressive blood cancer known as multiple myeloma which he and his wife are convinced came from toxins at ground zero. >> i thought it is over with. we went through 9/11 and six months of crying and funerals and i thought it was over. i didn't expect to have to go through it all again.
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>> reporter: hundreds of first responders have died post 9/11 from various cancers, yet there's no proof that exposure to ground zero toxins are to blame. doctors say most cancers take longer than nine years to develop. his cancer is dump and the research foundation says one study suggests a link is possible. this doctor, who wrote the study, has been tracking 9/11 responders from the beginning. >> we found a predominance of multiple melooma more than we expected. it was four times more than we expected in the age group. >> your gut tells you what. >> that we will find it is associated with the world trade center in some fashion. >> reporter: what happened to randy this summer? >> in august he chose to have an experimental type of stem cell transplant using his brother's healthy stem cells to
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replace his immune system. his wife captured some of it on camera. >> how are you feeling. >> not so good. >> reporter: the chemo, three different kinds every six hours, eight days straight killed his bone marrow and residual cancer cells. >> it was pretty rough. they have to beat you down to build you up. >> reporter: there's no cure for multiple myeloma but randy's doctor is hopeful days before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, randy leaves the hospital but he and madeleine are not thinking about the past only about the year of healing ahead? he made it through and i think he will be well. i think he's going to be cured. >> reporter: i see your lip
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quivering a little bit. it is hard to talk about. >> oh, sure. you do what you will have to do. >> and you will dance at your children's wedding and hold your grand children. >> reporter: debra, cnn, new york. for more living well head leans, log on to our website at was wusa and click on the --, and click on the living well tab on the front page. remember the question, what happened to the electric car? pretty soon you will see them across the country. and an energy survey is ordered to survey all of the natural gas lines. stay with us. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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as many asphyxy people are missing after the pipeline explosion. the gas company has been ordered to survey all lains. a spokesman for the pacific gas and electric says the pipe which exploded is on the same line as a section classified as "high risk "and part of the lean scuses scheduled to be replaced. we want to know whether pg and e has done the right thing in meeting federal laws to inspect the transmission lines on time. >> reporter: the gas company says no one in the neighborhood complained of smelling gas in the week before the explosion. the ntsb asked anyone who called in such a report or taped the blast to contact investigators. an american woman arrested in iran more than a year ago could soon be heading home.
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her lawyer says his client could be released on bail in the next two to three days. the two machine arrested with her could be heading to trial. indictments were apparently issued on sunday. good morning. you are watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. we will have the traffic in a moment but right now howard bernstein is joining us with a dry, foggy morning forecast. >> exactly. yesterday's rain leading to fog. in a few hours it will burn off and left dry and sunny much of the day. look at the visibilities. that's the weather problem this morning. may need a little extra time out to the west of town especially where visibles now, culpeper, orange, down a quarter mile. same with louisa and lake anna. and easton in on the eastern shore we have quarter mile visibility. watch for that. temperaturar

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